APEX by Numvio

AI-Powered Data Analysis, Simplified.

APEX is your all-in-one AI-powered data platform that simplifies observability. Connect your data, and APEX cleans, analyzes, and transforms it into actionable insights aligned with your goals. Make confident, data-driven decisions to optimize your operations and boost your bottom line – no technical expertise needed.

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Are you capitalising enough on the data you are collecting?

Businesses using data-driven decision making are 23 times more likely to outperform their competitors. But only 16% of companies are data-driven. That means, 6 out of 7 decision-makers reading this right now are likely missing out on the power of data-driven insights to optimise operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Your business right now?

Your business with

APEX by Numvio

Drowning in Manual Reporting?

Spending countless hours manually writing reports, struggling to keep up with the ever-growing data.

Effortless Reporting

APEX automatically generates reports that are easily modifiable with our Gen AI data engine, APEX Consultant, saving you time and effort.

Disconnected Data Streams and Excel chaos?

Struggling to relate data from different sources like website traffic, ads data from various platforms, and more.

Seamless Data Integration and Organisation

APEX effortlessly combines, analyses and organises data across multiple streams, providing a holistic view of your business.

Slow and Complex BI Tools?

Relying on sluggish Power BI that requires expertise to create and maintain.

Lightning-Fast, AI-Powered Dashboards

APEX automatically generates easy-to-use and read dashboards that update live with industry-leading speed. APEX Consultant reads the data coming into the dashboards and analyzes it in the context of your problem to suggest solutions.

Costly Data Professionals?

Hiring expensive teams of data scientists and analysts to make sense of your data.

Affordable, Accessible AI

APEX replaces the need for teams of data professionals. You can use it yourself or hire one person to manage everything with ease, saving your company thousands a month and generating an instant 10x ROI. APEX will do the work in minutes, using industry-leading algorithms.


Discover the Powerful Features of APEX

Discover the features that make APEX the go-to platform for easy and intuitive data analytics.


Generate reports with a single click, showing key insights on your data and its business value potential.

APEX Consultant
APEX Consultant


Get suggestions for the most valuable analysis recommendations based on your business needs and data at hand.

APEX Consultant


Automatically generate your analysis, powered by AI-driven insights, without tinkering, coding, and infrastructure investments

APEX Consultant


Save time and costs. Let APEX transform the efficiency of your business.

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